Agenda 2063 is a strategic framework by the African Union for the socio-economic transformation of the continent over the next 50 years (AU’s 100th Anniversary). Its builds on, and seeks to accelerate the implementation of past and existing continental initiatives for growth and sustainable development. Agenda 2063 is being implemented by integrating Ten Year Implementation Plan into National Plans.

The African Aspirations for 2063

The seven African Aspirations were derived through a consultative process with the African Citizenry. These are:

• A Prosperous Africa, based on inclusive growth and sustainable development

• An integrated continent, politically united, based on the ideals of Pan-Africanism and the vision of Africa’s Renaissance

• An Africa of good governance, democracy, respect for human rights, justice and the rule of law

• A Peaceful and Secure Africa

• Africa with a strong cultural identity, common heritage, values and ethics

• An Africa whose development is people driven, relying on the potential offered by people, especially its women and youth and caring for children

• An Africa as a strong, united, resilient and influential global player and partner


AU Flagship Initiatives:

• Integrated High Speed Train Network
• Africa Virtual and E-University
• African Commodity Strategy
• Annual African Forum
• Continental Free Trade Area
• African Passport and free movement of people
• Grand Inga Dam Project
• Pan African E-Network
• Silencing the Guns
• African Outer Space Strategy
• Single Air-Transport Network
• Continental Financial Institutions